Healing Ministry 

At the heart of Jesus' ministry was healing. He particularly sought those who found themselves at the fringes of society or who experienced illness of any kind. He reached out and touched them. That human contact can potentially be life changing for those who experience it. 


10.30am Sunday Service

At St Edmund's there are a number of opportunities for anyone to receive healing ministry. This happens in a number of ways. Firstly, during the 10.30am Sunday Service at communion time in the Quiet Chapel. You simply pop in and speak to one of the ministers who will pray along side you and support you as you seek God's healing love.

Mid-Week Eucharist

The 9.30 am Thursday morning Healing Eucharist is another opportunity to receive this ministry at the hands of the clergy. They will offer you the laying on of hands and a prayer of healing when you come forward to the altar table in church. As with all these experiences, it is often helpful simply to come along and see what others do and ask questions. People find it hugely comforting knowing that they are able to face life with the support of a community and friends around them, and this service taps into that need of support and help.