Banns and Weddings 

website wedding 310Congratulations on deciding to get married. We recognise that this is an important moment in your lives and we will do all we can to make your wedding day memorable and offer any pastoral support in the months and years that follow to help you sustain your lives together. The community that meets regularly here at St Edmund's will hold you both in prayer. We are aware that there is so much to do leading up to your special day and so the clergy and staff at St Edmund's will happily guide you through the process and insure that it all goes smoothly. 

The first step is to find your nearest parish church. Everyone who hasn't been married before has a legal right to get married in their local church. If you want to get married in the church nearest to where you once lived or where you where brought up, there maybe a way to make that happen. But the first thing to do is to get in contact with your local vicar or priest in charge. S/he will talk you through the options and requirements for marriage in the Church of England. A good place to start is taping your home post code into the search engine via a church near you.

Your local church and its contact details will appear and you just need to make that initial phone call and arrange to meet your vicar.

Banns of Marriage

You may already know where you are getting married and have subsequently been asked to have your banns read at St Edmund's Church because you live within the boundaries of St Edmund's Church Temple Hill. If that is so, then you are required to get in contact directly with St Edmund's Parish Administrator. The Administrator is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9am and 1pm in the Parish Centre Office on 01322 311201. You are advised to phone ahead and arrange an appointment to see them where you need to complete a Bann's application form and pay a statutory fee. The Administrator will agree with you when those banns will be read and when your certificate of banns will be available for you to pick up. 

Getting married at St Edmund's

If you have discovered that we are your nearest church and you want to get married here, well congratulations again! Getting married at St Edmund's is a fairly simple process and the clergy will happily talk you through it. It's important to be honest and as accurate as you can be about any previous marriages and/or your current citizenship. Once that's done, we can move on to the exciting business of choosing hymns, preparing the order of service, answering those all important questions about flowers, and preparing you both for the life-long commitment you will both make to each other on the day of your wedding. In the first instance please contact the St Edmund's Parish Administrator to arrange an appointment to meet one of the parish clergy. The Administrator is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9 am and 1 pm in the Parish Centre Office on 01322 311201.

If you want more information on what to expect at a wedding in the Church of England please visit

Please CLICK HERE  for a helpful introductory booklet answering your questions about weddings.