Sunday & Weekday Services


At the heart of St Edmund's Church is prayer and worship. God calls each of us in his own way and in his own time. At St Edmund's, we gather as a community of believers to listen to the bible, sing hymns, pray and at certain times of the week celebrate the Eucharist. Anyone from the local community or further a field is welcome to attend these services.

10.30am Sunday Service
The Sunday Service is every Sunday at either 10.30am. If you are new and want to know more about this service and what is expected of you then please go to the page on What happens at a sunday service? to get more information.

Morning & Evening Prayer
Throughout the week, members of the community, along with the Clergy, meet at 9 am and again at 6 pm, Monday to Friday, to celebrate Morning and Evening Prayer. This the official prayer of the Church that is said by all priests, religious and many parishioners, throughout the world. There is a sense of the whole church throughout the world uniting in prayer, praying for the needs of the world and their local communities. If you need a prayer or know of someone in need please contact us and we will happily include them.

Mid-Week Eucharist
On a Thursday morning at 9.30 am we gather again for the Healing Eucharist in which anyone who participates may wish to be offered individual prayers of healing. This is known as the laying on of hands and prayer of healing. Jesus in his ministry reached out and touched people, especially anyone who found themselves at the fringes of society or suffering in anyway. This service is designed to do the same and anyone is welcome to come along and participate.

For more information on prayer and healing please go our pages on prayer and healing ministry.