Who's Who 

Like any organisation there are a number of people with special responsibilities that help make the place function and flourish. The people mentioned below are just a few of those who help in make St Edmund's the place it is. Other's not mentioned are the countless volunteers who quietly get on with all the jobs that need doing. The Vicar is enormously grateful to each and everyone who does their bit in keeping the doors of St Edmund's and the Living Well open wide.

Decision are made by the Vicar, Rev Mark Ham, and the parochial church council of St Edmund's about the long term plans for the parish. The day to day running of the parish is done by the clergy and staff of St Edmund's and the Living Well, along with various volunteers and parishioners. The following list in alphabetical order gives details of church council members and staff.

Parochial Church Council members

Janet Gunner, Church Warden

Ian Anderson, Treasurer
Lorraine Bathgate, Child Protection Officer 01322 386828
Andrew Carr, Reader, Deanery Representative
Margaret Drury, Reader PTO
Sharon Earl, Deanery Representative
Robert Etheridge, Secretary
Tricia Fisk
Margaret Gibson, PA
Jackie Kent
Joan Marr
Rev Mark Ham, Priest in Charge 01322 229261
Rev Mandy Young 01322 280286
Arthur Saldanha
Roger Shuff


Martin Baker, Caretaker
Lee Roberts, Caretaker
Janet Jones, Centre Co-ordinator (01322 311201)