Mission and Vision


Our vision at St Edmund’s is to build a thriving church community where everyone is valued and welcomed for who they are, regardless of their circumstances or their previous contact with church or faith. As part of our inspiration, we take Jesus’ walk on the Road to Emmaus as a model of what we should be; Jesus walking with his disciples. (Luke 24:13-35)

In a similar way, we believe that in achieving our vision, Christ’s example calls us to practise hospitality as a mark of our faith and to establish a community, where everyone can grow in confidence and in their understanding of the Gospel. It is in this way we trust that our community will not only grow but flourish and we will see one another develop into the disciples that Christ intended us to be, confident in the love of God and ready to share what we have with others, as we accompany one another on the journey of faith.

Our mission is ...

  • to share the love of God with everyone in our community, regardless of their circumstances and to grow in faith together
  • We subscribe to the work of Inclusive Church and Changing Attitude, believing that Christ calls us to welcome everyone unconditionally, regardless of gender, race, LGBT status, age or disability. We are a dementia-friendly Church.
  • We seek to be a faithful and just church, not defining people according to labels but getting to know one another as “whole people”
  • We strive to create a community where everyone from the youngest to the oldest feels themselves to be of value in Christ’s church
  • Christ invites us to journey in faith with him. We believe that in the journey of faith, everyone has the right to question, grow and explore and it is our privilege to accompany one another on that journey, in Christ’s name.
  • The Bible tells us that “we are God’s handiwork” (Ephesians 2:10).  We believe that everyone – including you – is created unique and uniquely loved by God, both for the person you are and the person you can become.
  • We believe that the Gospel message is one of love, acceptance, hope and possibility, not coercion or condemnation. Wherever you are on your faith journey, even if you’re not sure yourself, we’d be very pleased to welcome you.  Come and see.